Tuesday, 19 January 2010

Weight Around the World

Did you know that this week is Healthy Weight Week?
January 17-23rd is a week to celebrate healthy weight- whatever your healthy weight is for you- and healthy, diet-free, eating.
Today is an extra special day too because it's also 'Get Rid of Fad Diets' day!

Our society is definitely too obsessed with achieving a specific weight- which is why we need reminders like these 'holidays' (there's also 'No Diet Day' May 6th!)-
but looks like we're not alone. Reader's Digest polled 16, 000 people in 16 countries about weight and diet.

This is what they found:

Who's Trying to Lose Weight?


83% of Finns said they've tried to lose weight. The US and Canada aren't far behind....

The Country Where Wives Most Want Their Husbands to Lose Weight


51% (more than half!) of married American women wish their husbands were thinner.

The Country Where Husbands Most Want Their Wives to Lose Weight


48% of Indian men said they're dissatisfied with the shape of their spouse (46% of Indian women say the same of their husbands though!).

In the States, 47 % of married American men wanted their wives to lose weight.

What Country Feels the Most Pressure to be Thin?


What Country Pops the Most Diet Pills?

While Brazilians' pill popping doubled between 2001-2005, China takes this one with 37% of Chinese admitting to taking weight loss pills.
19% of American said they have taken weight loss pills.

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