Monday, 25 January 2010

It's my Blogiversary: Celebrating with cottonseed oil and some refelction!

My blog turns 2 today... I can't believe it... they grow up so fast!
I looked it up, and the traditional 2-year anniversary gift is cotton. So....

Did you know that Cottonseed oil accounts for only 5-6% of the American fat and oil market?
It's very low in the omega 3 fatty acid, making it a very stable frying oil at high temperatures. For this reason, and because it has a bland flavour, it's used often as a frying oil by the food industry.
Who knew?

In the last two years, what I've learned is that, both in the field of nutrition, and in my own life, there will always be surprises. There's a line from the movie the Truman Show when, in response to why Truman hadn't figured out he was an actor on a set, his "creator" responds:
"Because we always accept the reality of our surroundings, without question".

Well, this blog has allowed me to question... and what I learned has surprised me:

Caffeinated beverages, including coffee, can be used to meet your fluid requirements. It's not a major diuretic as we once thought.

Whole wheat is NOT a whole grain (in Canada).

A low carb, high fat diet may be what we should be recommending: it can control blood sugar and improve cholesterol level.

A grapefruit a day isn't as healthy as it sounds.

That cool, hip coffee shop in your neighbourhood may actually be a Starbucks, in disguise!

Exercise may not be the answer to weight loss.

Just because my dad is a runner, thin, and a vegetarian, doesn't mean he won't have a heart attack.

So... I continue to question and not just accept, I continue to try to keep an open-mind, and continue to share what I learn...

Thanks for learning with me, and teaching me, over these last 2 years!


Gina said...

I'm so glad I found your blog. Happy 2 year anniversary! I'm also glad you've been posting more often lately :) Yeah!

I can't believe what you told me about Canada's "Whole wheat" law. That's super srange. For once I can say I believe America does it better, haha.

HAve you read the book Good Calories, Bad Calories? It truly hits on the point you made about low carb, high fat diets. The author spoke at the ADA conference and expo in Colorado this year. He was great.

Hope your father is doing well.

Nicole, RD said...

Wow! Happy 2 Year Blogiversary! Wonderful post, I second Gina's comment about hitting home such an important point about choices!

Jme said...

Keep it up Sybil! I learn so much every time!

Sybil Hebert, RD said...

Thanks Gina! I was going to write that on your blog but felt a bit unpatriotic... you're right though!! That book is on my must-read list... so weird how things we thought of as fact... aren't anymore! My dad's doing well, thanks. He's easing himself back into running... I think it's kind of scary for him, understandably... poor guy!

Nicole- Thanks for the comment... I feel so old! :)

Jme- Thanks... for all the comments and blog post ideas and articles you send me- I learn so much from you too!

eatingRD said...

Happy blogiversary!! Thanks so much for stopping by my new site, I really appreciate your kind words. I didn't know about a whole wheat law in Canada? crazy. Hope you have a nice week!