Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Is the American Dietetic Association Dropping its Corporate Sponsors?

Fooducate recently blogged about an online survey the American Dietetic Association is circulating among its members regarding dietitians' thoughts on the organization's corporate sponsorship program.
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Thanks Janine for bringing this to my attention!


Philippa said...

Judging by the lengthy list of corporate sponsors of next month's DC conference in Edmonton, it doesn't appear there is sufficient public awareness of this conflict of interests for the Canadians to even think of following suit.

General Mills, McCain Foods, PepsiCo...give me a break!

Nutrition Forums said...

This is a serious matter and it would be criticized too.

WindyD said...

No, the American Dietetic Association is not dropping its corporate sponsors--They declared chocolate as a health food--and accepted Hershey's as a sponsor. How alarming that organizations that are supposed to be the "watchdogs" of American health are really the "hotdogs" of corporate fast food industries. Shameful!