Sunday, 1 June 2008

Please vote for me!

My site was nominated for Best Health Blog!

I know it seems a bit conceited but I've nominated myself for Best Health blog!

Of course, it doesn't mean anything if nobody votes... so, if you like reading my blog, please please vote for me!

You have to sign in before voting (which is a bit annoying, I know).

Simply go to
and sign in to vote.

Thanks in advance!


Jme said...

It is the least we can do!

Sybil Hebert, RD said...

Thanks Jme!

Anonymous said...

got my vote.


Anonymous said...

It's intensely conceited.

How sad.

Sybil Hebert, RD said...

So anonymous... I guess that means I don't get your vote?

If you're going to be so mean, you should be brave enough not to do it anonymously... it's a bit cowardly, don't you think?

ings said...

Ya- how sad...

Jme said...

Nope, sorry anonymous, clearly the fact that you had an agenda here is sad sad sad.