Friday, 25 April 2008

Are you a Locavore?

The New Oxford American Dictionnary 2007 Word of the Year was "Locavore".

What does it mean?

"A locavore is someone who seeks out locally produced food, usually for ecological reasons".

The term "localvore" is sometimes used.

The locavore movement encourages consumers to eat locally produced foods, sometimes within a specific radius of 50, 100, or 150 miles. It also encourages consumers to buy from farmers’ markets or even to grow their own food.

See blog post 'What's the 100-mile diet' 10 April 2008 for an example of a huge insipiration to many locavores.



Jme said...

This is great, but i think residents of new york city need a larger circumference than 150 miles for everyone to fill up!

Sybil Hebert, RD said...

According to the 100-mile diet couple, they traveled to NYC and managed to eat within 100-mile radius while they were there...
Wouldn't it be cool if more and more people started to eat local- the government would have to start supporting family farms to a greater extent... and organic local produce wouldn't be more expensive than imported stuff!