Thursday, 18 February 2010

Where We Are Now

"We have a health system that doesn't care about food and a food system that doesn't care about health"

-- Wendell Berry, American philosopher on food and farming



Jackie Callahan said...

Man! That quote is so true, and it really hits between the eyes! That's good; it's just what we need! Because as a nation, we are stumbling around in a stupor (much of it food-induced)and we very much need to have the veil of denial lifted. We are killing ourselves with the toxic food that we are ingesting - quite literally. So, thanks for the "food" for thought!

ings said...

So true!!

Katelynn said...

That quote reminds me of the Toronto Food Strategy, which aims to “inspire action toward a health-focused food system.” Looks like they’re taking steps in the right direction to make this quote a false one!!!

Joel Gray said...

Well, our food system has been more profit-driven rather than nutrition-based. A sad reality, but it is true.