Tuesday, 27 January 2009

Does eating celery burn calories?

A celery stalk contains: 6 calories (that's without the peanut butter or cream cheese, of course!).
Chewing your celery stalk
burns only: 5 calories/hour
However, because of the high insoluble fibre content of celery, you burn even more calories digesting that celery stalk.

So, technically, YES. Eating celery burns calories!

However, eat just celery and you'll not only be malnourished, but your metabolic rate will slow down to protect your body from your low caloric intake. So, when you inevitably get sick of celery and start eating real food, you'll pack on the pounds faster.
Moreover, going for a brisk walk or for a run will burn way more calories than chomping on celery... and it's more fun!


Stacy said...

I totally shared this on my blog today! Check it out!


Sybil Hebert, RD said...

Thanks Stacy!:)
Just noticed the link for the source is out-of-date- it's from the Food Network's Food Detective: