Tuesday, 16 September 2008

Formula Kills Babies

I’m sure you've heard this story already but two babies are dead and 1253 more are sick (340 are still hospitalized) in China as a result of contaminated baby formula that was found to contain melamine, the same chemical that killed cats and dogs when it was found in pet food last year. Melamine is a chemical additive commonly used to make plastics and fertilizer. It’s high in nitrogen and when products are tested for protein, they actually just test for nitrogen. As such, this cheap additive has been used to make it appear like a product is high in protein. Melamine and one of its by-products block kidney function and, as a result, the poor babies have been suffering from kidney stones.

The contaminated milk powder has been traced to a major Chinese dairy, Sanlu Group Co. The group recalled its products last week although the Chinese media reported that some parents were complaining of problems since March. So far, over 10 000 tons of milk powder has been seized or recalled. Yesterday, Chinese authorities announced that they’ve arrested two men suspected to be responsible for the contamination.

Although Canada and the States don’t import formula from China, it’s possible that it has found its way here illegally. As a result, The Food and Drug Administration, Health Canada and the Canadian Food Inspection Agency have warned consumers to avoid baby formula from China- read the label!

Remember, if possible, breastfeeding is best....

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Naznin said...

One more consequence for not breastfeeding.
Anything that is handled by humans there is bound to be errors and risk of contamination particularly powdered milk which is not sterile.
Thank you for the info,sybil,and especially your last sentence that said, "breastfeed when possible"