Monday, 14 July 2008

Dog meat banned in Beijing

The Beijing government has ordered all contracted Olympic restaurants to remove dog meat from their menus for the duration of the Olympics and Paralympics in September.

They’ve also strongly suggested that all restaurants in Beijing follow suit.

Although dog meat is not traditional fare in Beijing, it does appear on many menus and is widely consumed by the large Korean community in China.

The reason for the ban is to avoid offending foreigners and “to respect dining customs of different countries”.

During the 1988 Seoul Olympics, canine dishes were banned as a result of criticism from Westerners.

I’m just wondering:
Would American restaurants accept to modify the ridiculously large portion sizes they offer to not offend the sensitivities of foreigners?



lookinout said...

It's a very good point. Stay well!

Anonymous said...

this story is crazy... first that they eat dog. second that they conforming to the rest of the world to not offend. I say if you eat dog then eat dog, if i was going to china to see the olympics I would definitely be into eating some dog. Have tried, guinea pig, rotten shark, whale and horse, why not dog!