Thursday, 24 January 2008

My first Nutrition Nibbles post!


I decided to post my Nutrition Nibbles on a blog rather than inundate your inboxes (Thanks James for this suggestion and thanks Anna for the name for my blog)!
Like I emailed some of you, I thought I'd post some recent nutrition (and other) info so I can share stuff I read about or am thinking about.
Feel free to add your comments!

This was yesterday's email:

1. A recent study tracking 29 000 men showed that men who ate broccoli or cauliflower more than once a week were half as likely to have prostate cancer that spread beyond the prostate than men who ate broccoli or cauliflower less than once a month. So... enjoy these veggies sauteed, steamed, cooked or raw!

2. Sun exposure may lower risk of breast cancer (this one makes me happy!)! Women whose skin showed more signs of sun exposure were 47% less likely to have advanced breast cancer. This was true only for women who had light pigmented skin (measured under the arm).
Sun is a principal source of Vitamin D. Make sure you get Vitamin D through food (or supplements if necessary) and go in the sun (without sunscreen) 20 minutes a day during the spring and summer months- just don't get a sunburn!!
Studies show that you should be getting 800-1000 IU Vitamin D a day- instead of the 400 IU previously recommended.

20 minutes in the sun during spring and summer months, without sunscreen= 200-400IU. Food sources of Vitamin D:

3.5 oz cooked salmon: 360 IU
1.75 oz sardines canned in oil (drained): 250 IU
3 oz Tuna fish canned in oil: 200 IU
1 cup Fortified milk (including soymilk): 98 IU
1 Tbsp margarine: 60 IU
3/4-1cup Fortified with 10% of daily value of Vitamin D (read label): 40 IU
1 Egg (with yolk): 20 IU
1 oz swiss cheese: 12 IU

3. Cool link- What people eat around the world:,29307,1626519_1373664,00.html

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